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Violin makers near me

By | 12.10.2020

Weinstein Violins is dedicated to offering musicians the best instruments and service possible. It uses the highest standards of expertise developed over 35 years in the field to maintain a large inventory of vintage instruments and bows, ranging from high quality 19th and 20th century workshop production to classic examples from 18th century Italy. Weinstein Violins strives to deliver the best value in all price ranges, taking into account investment potential, best possible examples, and tonal performance.

Weinstein Violins is owned by Andrew Weinsteinwho has owned a violin shop in the Boston area continually since Andrew graduated from the Kenneth Warren and Son School of Violin Making of Chicago inand continues to make instruments as time allows.

Violin Makers near you

Please take a look at instruments and bows posted here. They demonstrate the care in selecting violins that offer the highest artistic quality, structural integrity, and tone through a wide price range. Weinstein Violins looks forward to hearing from you and having the opportunity to assist you in your search for the perfect instrument. Consultations, appraisials, and repairs are by appointment only, so please do not hesitate to call us at: We would love to hear from you!

Bluett Bros. Handmade Instruments

Location: Crescent St. Waltham MA, Email: andrew weinsteinviolins.I was born in France in Both a musician and from a family of wood workers, I was drawn to violin making from an early age. On deciding to become a violin maker, I left France and came to England to study at the renowned Newark School of Violin Making in I fell in love with the restoration of old instruments very quickly and directed my studies accordingly, specializing in restoration during my last 2 years at college.

I graduated in and since then I have worked for major restoration workshops in London and elsewhere in the UK where I have been able to perfect my skills and knowledge of violins, violas and cellos. I have had the chance to work on wonderful instruments by the greatest makers.

From B. NormanJ. Vuillaume, to N. All work is carried out to the highest standard. Banks, The Voller Brothers, V. Panormo, J. Vuillaume, N. Gagliano, C. Landolfi, C. Camilli, F. Ruggieri, J. Rogeri, A. For many years I have also been setting up instruments both for amateurs and for professional players, taking great care that each instrument is at the best of its tonal qualities and playability.

I continue making alongside restoration, and always have a project on the go. Over the years, I have been specialising in cellos, intrument that I always loved. My output is small but do not hesitate to contact me if you would like to know when my next cello is going to be available. Highly to be recommended! Not only was she able to give me an accurate quote on costs and the time she would need to repair it there and then, she also understood how important to me it was to get my instrument repaired and back to work with me as quickly as possible.

Lorraine treated my violin with great care and kept in touch with me throughout the process, understanding how much I treasure my instrument. With my blessing she took the opportunity while it was in her workshop to repair a few other things that also needed some attention such as the corner blocks, some joins that needed gluing, and she fitted a new bridge and soundpost for the instrument, all to a very high standard.

When I came to pick up my instrument, the crack had been repaired expertly, the instrument had been set up with great attention to detail to get the best results from the sound.

It felt strong, clean, clear and secure under my hands, and it looked so nice! After playing my violin in the workshop I realised that nothing would need to be adjusted as she had already put everything in place for it to respond to my playing perfectly and it simply sounded better than ever. And if she has had to take your instrument apart in order to repair it, it will almost certainly sound better when you get it back.

The Workshop is open by appointement only, drop us a message, a text or simply phone. Your Name required. Your Email required. Your Message. About Restoration Making Testimonials Contact. Ruth Elder Freelance violininst. Contact The Workshop is open by appointement only, drop us a message, a text or simply phone.He was guided by both his grandfather, who trained his ear for a deep appreciation of music and by his father, who taught him how to work with tools and wood.

He began performing music professionally at fifteen and at the same time, he was widely sought by local music stores to repair string instruments. He also served an apprenticeship under William T. Walls, Master Violin Maker and Restorer, who taught him the fine points of restoration. It was Wall's teaching that inspired John to dedicate himself to the mastery of his craft. For the past several years, John has been affiliated with Major Violin Houses throughout the United States and has been providing services to students and professional musicians in major local and national symphonies and orchestras, music stores, colleges and public school systems.

He offers a complement of services and is able to provide custom hand-crafted string instruments from his workshop to the discerning musician at reasonable prices.

The Guarneri del Gesu is reflected in John's work. Each Importuno Violin is hand-crafted from the finest aged European tone woods such as select Spruce and highly figured and well-seasoned Maple. The hand-crafted varnish is based on Old World recipes and made from Baltic Amber which is oil based and uses several different resins to add luster and life to his instruments. Some of the instruments Gio makes are:. Repair Shop. Take a tour of Importuno violins work bench. Tour the Work Bench. Shop Now.

Welcome to Importuno Violins.Mark is not only a master instrument maker, but will also fix any instrument that customers can bring to the table. Get in touch to have Mark evaluate your instruments and provide an estimate for repair.

Bluett Bros is now booking tours. Take an inside look at the making of stringed instruments and the master luthier in person.

Bluett Bros. Handmade Instruments

Professional instructors Aaron Gainer and Dennis Jones give lessons at the shop on a number of different instruments and musical styles. Get in touch today to book lessons for musicians of all ages, from beginner to expert. For the last 20 years Mark has offered several different apprenticeship programs.

As a luthier apprentice, you will be given instruction to create beautiful, handmade, and personal instruments. The fiddles are unbeatable and everything he makes is of the highest professional caliber.

violin makers near me

Support Independent American Luthiers folks and play their instruments proudly! If you're looking for a quality instrument for you to pass on the gift of music to your children and grandchildren generation after generation this should be your next step. My experience with Mark was wonderful, I get to remember it each time I play my custom guitar he helped and guided me through to its completion.

The ultimate guitar experience. This shop should be on the radar of any discerning acoustic instrument player. Mark Bluett has been constructing and repairing violins, guitars, and mandolins plus everything in between for more than 30 years - his experienced knowledge and skilled craftsmanship of stringed instruments are clearly evident when you see and play them.

Fairly priced as well! Bluett Bros Violins offers a wide variety of popular and specialty stringed instruments for sale. While Mark produces a large number of professional violinshis shop also sells violascellosguitarsmandolins of the highest quality.

For student musicians entering college to pursue their instrument, a Bluett Bros. Violin will provide you with the perfect level of professional tone and easy playability.

If you are considering upgrading your current instrument, purchasing a new instrument to learn, or simply adding to your collection, a stringed instrument from Bluett Bros. Violins will always be an excellent choice. Contact Mark to book a tour of the shop, call to schedule an appointment, or just walk in and say hello! Find reviews of Bluett Bros. Violins on YelpGoogle Plusand Facebook.

David Chandler violins

Bluett Bros. Handmade Instruments Bluett Bros. Violins is a music and violin shop, specializing in all stringed instruments, located in York, PA.

Shop owner Mark Bluett has been running his business as a Master Luthier since Mark has also been a professional musician for 40 years, honing his craft of lutherie and musicianship over time. On any given day at Bluett Bros. We see Bluett Bros. Violins as a hub of creative endeavors with a passionate pursuit of perfection. If you are interested in purchasing a stringed instrument, learning how to become a luthieror want to tour the violin shopcall us today at or send us a message.Violins that meet the highest performance standards: Corilon violins presents its custom collection of old German, French and Italian violins and historic master violins.

For many musicians, a violin is more than just an instrument.

Violins Making in China

Especially older violins with their mature, individual character are true companions in orchestra playing, chamber music and solo performance. Corilon violin's online catalogue presents a hand-selected collection of antique violins for sale; these attractive full size violins feature a wide range of different characteristics and date back to different periods. We present a hand-selected collection of Italian violins and instruments from other countries; these attractive full size violins feature a wide range of different characteristics and date back to different periods.

Our carefully selected antique violins, Italian violinsold violasand top-quality violin bows and other fine stringed instruments full of personality and character are competently are lovingly restored by a violin maker at our luthier workshop for violin making and restoration and made made ready to play.

violin makers near me

Follow the link to browse some of the violins we have sold ; information on the care, cost, maintenance and history of your violin is available in our library. To be able to use Corilon violins in full range, we recommend activating Javascript in your browser. Violins Antique violins Violins that meet the highest performance standards: Corilon violins presents its custom collection of old German, French and Italian violins and historic master violins. Provenance Germany.

Other countries. Year before Tone bright. Price from to Sorting Lowest price Highest price Publication date.

violin makers near me

Inventory no. Antique violins - exclusive and unique For many musicians, a violin is more than just an instrument.See photos of two my latest violins made in Pittsboro, Maggini and Guarneri Cannon. AND we will not turn your instrument away or tell you its not worth fixing. Learn more Our news. Our new location is just three doors south at street level, 64 Hillsboro St.

This schedule will be until further notice. Whether you are looking for a student violin to play in the school orchestra, a fiddle to play at your local bluegrass jam, or a new bow and case, we have the instruments and violin accessories to suit your needs but not break your pocket.

Owned and operated by active musicians of stringed instruments, we can provide you with personalized, insightful information about our products and help you choose the instrument suited to your needs. We maintain high standards as to the quality of our instruments and accessories, and equally important the quality of service provided to you.

Our services. The violin and fiddle shop violin sales. The SG Music Co. Violin and Fiddle Shop violin store proudly serves the student violinist as well as the folk and traditional fiddling community. Athough violin makers,we do not carry fine violins,but rather affordable, quality violins for the beginning to advanced level student violinist or fiddler who is in the early stage of their music career or who are "just testing the water".

Retail sales of orchestral string instruments and their accessories. Repairs and restoration of violins, violas, and cellos. View on Mobile.In addition to our experienced sales consultants, Christopher Reuning is available for appraisals, certificates of authenticity, and advice on selling your instrument. Our New York showroom is available by appointment only.

Please call or email info reuning. We look forward to seeing you in our new home away from home! Inthe c. We have experience as well with numerous examples by the other members of the Guarneri family. On the heels of the landmark Bergonzi exhibition in Cremona, which was curated by Christopher Reuning, we sold the magnificent c.

While we have handled a number of fine instruments by members of the Amati family, of particular note is our sale of an extremely rare viola by Andrea Amati, the c. This important instrument, one of just five known violas by this maker, set a world record for any Amati instrument and for any viola. In we sold a string quartet of instruments by Nicolo Amati, perhaps the first time this has been achieved in modern history. More recently, we sold the famous decorated viola of the late Walter Trampler made by the brothers Amati c.

Our hearts are with our friends and clients during this confusing and scary time. As COVID is deeply affecting our community, we must attempt to do our small part to minimize the impact.

For the safety of our clients and colleagues, we will be closed to the public until further notice. We are here to answer any questions or concerns by email at info reuning. This is a situation that we are taking very seriously and will update with any changes as needed.

Learn More. Viola by Simone Giamberini Florence, Cello by Lorenzo Storioni Cremona, c. Violin by Gaetano Dionelli Mantua, Violin by Gennaro Gagliano Naples, c. Located just steps from Carnegie Hall, our new showroom offers clients the chance to explore our world-class selection of instruments and bows from the convenience of midtown Manhattan. Antonio Stradivari. Carlo Bergonzi. The Amati Family.

We normally have available instruments by these important makers, but typically refrain from advertising to respect the privacy of both seller and buyer. We welcome serious inquiries from anyone who wishes to acquire an exclusive instrument, backed by our expertise and reputation. Also, please feel free to contact us if you have an instrument to sell.

View more of our notable sales here.

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