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What happens when a narcissist loses in court

By | 05.10.2020

Whether it is recovering money or property, a hearing about child arrangements, dealing with divorce or a dispute over a boundary there is a significant chance you will end up in court at some point with a narcissist.

This bulletin enables you to understand the a huge amount about attending the court hearing where a narcissist is involved and includes the following This Logic Bulletin will save you thousands in legal fees, hours of wasted time and reduce and remove your fear, anxiety and stress. To obtain this insightful material, just use the link below to access immediately detailed audio material. So today was my final hearing.

There are no words to describe how it made me feel. I have gone through so much, my children have suffered needlessly all because of the rampant narcissism of my ex. The UMS. Over this past few weeks, since Xmas, I have had to make the hardest decision any parent or abused person can make. That has been a very bitter pill to swallow but I also knew that this entire process, which has been rumbling on for two years was destroying my mental and physical health.

Therefore the choice was clear; withdraw and live to fight another day or pursue and damage my children in the short term and have them hate me even more. Now it was securing something. Making the Court aware. They are now aware. Not necessarily in the way that I wish but I do believe that the Judge was fair and balanced in his summation.

I do not think this one was. It was important for him to see ME today. He has granted in the past an extraordinarily about of lassitude which I thank him for.

A MME at the Court itself. One more pressure to deal with. So I carefully planned what I would wear, how I would react. This month is a very difficult one for me. I was determined that the Judge see me we had never had sight of each other before.

I wanted him to see me as calm, rational, intelligent and professional. I was equally determined that I would not allow what had happened to me would stp me going. I have the rest of my life to live and my conscience is clear. NS: I succeeded. A Queen. Think Jackie O with more than a side-dash of Marilyn. I wore vintage. This time, I had a dear friend with me who had professional experience in the Courts.

Two amusing incidents happened today.And winning isn't dependent on how you behaved in the marriage or, how you've behaved since your separation.

When you dare to withdraw the admiration and approval narcissists require to feel good This is because, when a narcissist loses power over you, they need to ensure that you do not damage their reputation, finances and way of life. Narcissists will feel like they've won if they can make you angry or lose control of yourself by yelling, crying, or pleading.

what happens when a narcissist loses in court

He becomes demanding and angry, unaware that you have needs or a separate self at all. Then, without warning, something happens that causes the bubble to burst.

I had three little creatures to care for and feed, rent and other bills to pay and a job to maintain all while fighting a narcissistic psychopath I didn't know it at the time in court.

He recently talked about how you can confront failure without losing your dignity. Try to put yourself in their shoes. Understanding the procedures and techniques described here will help you present a persuasive, legally proper case whether you are a plaintiff meaning that you have filed a lawsuit yourself or a defendant meaning that you have been sued. If you are somebody that refuses to go down without a fight and are vocal about your opinions, your narcissist partner will not be able to accept it.

Divorcing a narcissist with children will, however, pose a few other challenges. If you lose your court case, the court may order you to pay money or return personal property. Underneath all of these traits is a deep sense of insecurity.

This may mean being prepared to give way on trivial issues — lose a few battles in order to win the war. By refusing to partake in the challenges that an abuser puts out does not make someone weak, it makes them stronger. Be prepared for this with narcissist parenting as it happens very quickly.

Parenting is arguably the hardest work one can do in life, even with a loving and compatible partner.

what happens when a narcissist loses in court

This state happens when hope is lost towards achieving an extremely important life goal or psychological goal. The year-old shared a clip of the moment.

The following are some of the characteristics and consequences of having a narcissistic mother.February 3, 10 things to expect if you beat a narcissist in court.

what happens when a narcissist loses in court

There are many things to expect after you beat a narcissist in court and none of them are predictable or pretty. I have a lawyer and the will clearly indicates what is mine. I will win the case but don't know what her reaction would be Dear "Shanghaied". There are a few things that will probably happen after you beat a narcissist in court and none of them are predictable or pretty. If you want to win just make sure to always take steps to cover your butt because narcissists will quickly muddy the waters and take the focus of the purpose and distract everyone with utter chaos!

The Narcissist in Court

The high conflict parasites are well known by families around the globe for ruining any memories we have of loved ones that have passed by making those final days and later disputes over properties a total nightmare. First, I would like to say I am very sorry for the passing of your parent s.

Second, Expect a whole lot of crazy once you win! Best Way to win in court against a narcissist is to document the crazy! The only way to win against a narcissist in court is to document the shit out of their crazy. They tell so many lies that they can't keep them straight so a drawn out court case will short circuit their brain. They don't have the mental stamina to keep up with their own crazy so use that to your advantage!

Document, document, document! Keep a journal with times and dates and a brief description of your daily activities. If something out of the ordinary happens then document it and include any witness information or any agencies that were involved Do NOT respond directly to any of their accusations or try to defend yourself.

Save it for the court room.

What Happens When A Narcissist Loses In Court

When they accuse you of something then go get the documentation prooving them wrong!One of the most toxic people you will meet in family court is the narcissist. When it comes to a divorce case, the narcissist will often be pitted against a person with very low self-esteem. In court, the narcissist will present as confident, calm and certain while his victim often appears stressed, frustrated, and not at all confident.

The victim may be willing to give up almost everything just to regain her own life back. She may not feel that she is a fit mother for her children, as the narcissist has made sure that she feels unfit. Dealing with someone who suffers from Narcissistic Personality Disorder NPD in the family court system is a daunting task. It is not going to be easy, but you can make a conscious decision to be a survivor rather than continue being a victim.

Knowledge is power and being educated, and prepared, can mean the difference between winning and being victimized again. The trick to beating a narcissist in court is twofold in nature. But, you must have absolute, incontrovertible proof of the lie, proof that is admissible in court by rules of evidence or by unassailable testimony. When confronted with the impeaching evidence, narcissists will react with fury, more lying which will be visible to everyone except them and will actively discredit themselves.

SECOND: Your counsel should structure the cross-examination of the narcissist so as to allow the narcissist to magnify his or her grandiose self. Sometimes it is enough just to let the narcissist be himself or herself. Narcissists are often vindictive and they often stalk and harass. There are two ways of coping with vindictive narcissists:. Narcissists live in a state of constant rage, repressed aggression, envy and hatred.

They are paranoid, suspicious, and scared. Frightening the narcissist is a powerful behavior modification tool. If sufficiently scared — the narcissist will disengage, give up everything he was fighting for and sometimes even make amends. For this to be effective, you have to identify the vulnerabilities of the narcissist and strike repeated, escalating blows at him until he is deterred.

If a narcissist is hiding a personal fact- use this to threaten him. Drop cryptic hints that there are mysterious witnesses and recently revealed evidence. The narcissist has a very vivid imagination; let his imagination do the rest.

The narcissist may have been involved in tax evasion, malpractice, child abuse, or infidelity — there are many possibilities, all of which offer a rich vein of attack. If done cleverly, non-emotionally, in an escalating manner — the narcissist will disengage and disappear. It must be added that all these activities have to be pursued legally, preferably through the good services of law offices and in broad daylight.

If done in the wrong way — they might constitute extortion or blackmail, harassment and a host of other criminal offences. The other way to neutralize a vindictive narcissist is to offer him continued Narcissistic Supply until the war is over and won by you.

Under the influence of narcissistic supply, the narcissist is unable to tell that he is being manipulated.

You can make a narcissist do almost anything by offering, withholding, or threatening to withhold Narcissistic Supply adulation, admiration, attention, sex, awe, subservience, etc. To summarize, the best way to handle a narcissist in court is to play it cool and let them hang themselves with their own rope. Narcissists will make outrageous claims and big demands. Let them swear and bluster… the worse their behavior is, the better it is for you.What happens to narcissists in the end?

It is a question all of their victims ask themselves eventually somewhere between their wake up and the complete enactment of their healing process. For many people, the best thing to do is to leave the Narcissist long before their end days or senior years come around.

Narcissists Destroy Who they cannot Control

Namely, that the more narcissistic the person is during the prime of their life, the more socially isolated from genuine companionship at the end of their lifetimes they are likely to be. Most of those incredibly charismatic, socially off the wall people who made us feel incredible until the first social or emotional aside from physical hangover set in were actually people known as Love Fraud Predators.

Love Fraud Predators are all mirroring and no reflection. The extroverted, life of the party types who are always looking for the next trending friend or love interest to woo are the type least likely in later life or during something like a medical crisis to be there personally for you. What that means is all of those people who trauma bond in their prime to one another by creating things like war stories from making terrible decisions while partying are likely in later life to have a few interesting things happen.

The thing about people who lack complex emotional processing gray matter in their noggins is this. The main character Al Bundy talking about his glory days at Polk High. Take that guy to his 10, 25, and year high school reunions — watch him elate, thinking about life during his prime. The rest of the time, expect his COllapsed Narcissist personality type only to shine. People with Cluster B personality types are only typically happy in life if they are miserable themselves… and making everyone closest to them or who is nice to them miserable as well.

Those enabled to be successful at things like human predation in life are likely to go to their grave surrounded by their Narcissistic Harem of Sycophants if they have money or personal property of sentimental value to someone in their family. They are the type most likely to promise adult children who do the most for them that they will be rewarded in a will or with a life insurance policy. When the end times come, they tend to do terrible things like cancel policies without telling anyone or to simply give away all their personal and family heirlooms to strangers who happen to at their late stages show up.

The people most likely to be conned as senior citizens out of all their money and worldly possessions by charlatans are Cluster B people. As they age their neuroplasticity freezes from non-use. It makes them vulnerable to being lied to and duped by people using manipulative words and triangulating language. There are some people who say their toxic senior actually knew full well if they were being conned and the reason they behave in fiscally and socially irrational ways is just a ploy to net gain themselves attention.

Be mindful they truly are likely by the time they are post-age 55 to start to show signs and symptoms of being that Machiavellian. Then, they will make mention of who showed up and who did not regarding trying to protect them or to make them stop.

Expect them to give all the sentimental items to strangers or to whoever in the family values each item for sentimentality the least. Expect them to give all the worthless items to whoever loved them and showed them the most social kindness.They may think they just need to try harder. This is possibly the hardest part of dealing with a narcissist. Things get worse before they get better. Sometimes, steps 1 and 2 are the only steps involved.

Fighting Back – How to Handle the Narcissist in Court

The niceness is in itself a manipulation geared toward getting you to let your guard down. See it for what it is and keep outsmarting them! Eventually, these people close to you will understand why you dismissed them during this difficult time. One of the final stages of outsmarting a narcissist is their eventual implosion. They may double down again. This is maybe the most dangerous period as well. A narcissist who uses abuse as a manipulation may become more erratic and abusive than ever.

But once the narcissist in your life is finally done imploding…. The narcissist manipulated you the way they did in order to get you to think and act in a way that benefitted them. Once they have fully accepted that that is no longer how you will be living, they have a choice to make for themselves.

They have to shape up or ship out. They have to make a decision about whether they want to continue being in your life or move on to their next victim. No matter the case, you have already made your decision. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Accept Read More. Relationships Self-development. By Thomas Nelson On May 8, There are hundreds of articles and blogs on the internet that help you figure out how to identify a narcissist, what signs to watch out for, and how to avoid them.

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